Custom Gusseted Spindles

These spindles have All-Pro spindle gussets welded to them. We add an extra support to the tie rod area. If your a hardcore off-roader, or a casual trail rider, don’t take the chance of bending your spindles. These will keep you steering straight for many off-roading miles. They are available either primed (rustoleum) , or professionally powdercoated. Please see our alert below.

Primed models are $ 225.00 
Powdercoated models are $350.00  
  Professionally powdercoat finished using a prime coat, color coat, and then clear coat.  


There is an additional core charge of $400.00 . I will send you a set of spindles for you or your local mechanic to install. Take your old spindles, put them back in the box, and send them back to me. I will verify they are straight, and refund your $400.00 . By doing this process, you are limiting the time your rig is down. You will need to run aftermarket wheels or 1-1/4 wheel spacers.